This page lists all the places that I have personally seen Poncirus Trifoliata  flowering or fruiting in Northern Europe, outside the normal citrus-growing range.Those in italic script are reports from readers of this page, but which I have not yet seen for myself.
1.Polesden Lacy (National Trust property) near Bookham, Surrey. In the formal gardens.OPENSTREETMAP

The Valley Gardens near Windsor, Berkshire. Part of the Crown Estate. From the car park, take the path through the gate into the Heather Garden. On the right, after about 100m  OPENSTREETMAP  SEE PHOTOS

3.Leatherhead Crematorium garden, Surrey. Large specimen near the main building.

Ranelagh Gardens, London. Next to where the Chelsea Flower Show is held. STREETMAP

5.Coleshill, Buckinghamshire. At entrance to private house. HAS NOW BEEN REMOVED!

6.Denham Green, Buckinghamshire. In my back garden! (Please E-mail me if you wish to visit.)

Greys Court (National Trust property) near Henley, Oxfordshire. In the white garden.STREETMAP

Guildford, .University of Surrey.  Exact location is due South of the Phillip Marchant Building, H5 on the
CAMPUSMAP  I visited this site at flowering time in mid-May. Also in the Castle Gardens, Guildford, and Merristwood Campus of Guildford College . See PAGE WITH PHOTOS

At the  west entrance to the small public park between Northampton Road and Skinner Street in Clerkenwell, London. The plants are to the left of the entrance growing up against the railings.
STREETMAP  I visited this site in April and found a group of about eight plants, several with flower buds developing. SEE PHOTOS There were two more plants further along the railings on the north side of the park. Update 2009 - several plants removed for playground, but some remain on north side.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Large plant in bed 461-05 in The Berberis Dell. From Victoria Gate, head towards the flag pole but turn right just before the small hill on which the pole stands. Plant is then on the right. There is also a group of three young plants just before the orangery, coming from the main entrance. STREETMAPSEE PHOTOS

11.Sunningdale Garden, Grange Court, near Westbury-on-Severn, Gloucestershire.
This garden can probably be visited under the National Plant Collections scheme.
Contact details here    STREETMAP     SEE PHOTO

12. Chumleigh Gardens, Burgess Park, London SE5 0RJ. Reported by the Gardens and Education Officer of the Parks Ranger Service of Southwark Council.

13. Exeter University campus, Exeter, Devon.  Its position is on the lawn at the junction of North Park Road and the slip road that leads up to the computer building, alongside Laver. SEE PHOTO

14. Hillier Gardens and Arboretum, Jermyns Lane, Ampfield, Hampshire. There are two mature trees, planted 1976, in Brentry Woodland - the other side of the road from the main gardens. STREETMAP  SEE PHOTOS

15. Exbury Gardens, Hampshire - home to one of the finest collections of rhododendrons in the world. The Poncirus is north-west of the tea-rooms in the garden, in a lawn close to the path as it heads south. STREETMAP   SEE PHOTO

University of Oxford Botanic Garden, Oxford. In the main walled garden, head towards the lower garden but take the left path just before the exit through the wall. The plant is on the left past an old Mulberry tree. Large specimen planted 1920. SEE PHOTOS
16A Balliol College, Oxford. Entrance in Broad Street. Against the library wall, which is on the left side of the first quadrangle as you enter.

University of Cambridge Botanic Garden, Cambridge. Aproximately at grid position P9 of the gardens map or STREETMAP.   SEE PHOTOS

University of Leicester Botanic Garden, Oadby, Leicester. Against the wall at one corner of Beaumont Hall. SEE PHOTO
and  Newarke Houses Musem, The Newarke, Leicester, LE2 7BY. In the back garden, and visible from the side gate in Castle View. SEE PHOTOS

19. The RSBP headquaters in Sandy, Bedfordshire. The plant is at the rear of the main house. SEE PHOTOS

20. Richmond upon Thames. The Terrace Gardens.  SEE PHOTO

21. Eltham Palace, south-east London. SEE PHOTO

22. In the front garden of private house at 157, Park Avenue, Hull, Yorkshire. Reported by Hull botanical artist Nikki Abramson. SEE PHOTOS

23. Manor Gardens in Exmouth, Devon. From the Chapel Hill entrance (near the Town Hall) the Poncirus is on the right hand side of the path opposite the Gentlemen's toilet (which is on the left side of the path)- not far in from the Gardens entrance. Reported by Devon resident Alan Brown.  SEE PHOTOS

24. Brent Lodge Park, known locally as Bunny Park, between Ealing and Greenford, West London. Walking from the church towards the tea-room, the plant is by the wall on the left, just after the entrance through the wall to the animal enclosure.

25. Cannizaro Park, London Borough of Merton. Near Wimbledon Common. Go round the back of the house (now a hotel), past the sunken garden, following the tree-line on your left. The Poncirus is about 50 metres further on in a grassy area near the boundary with some private houses. STREETMAP  SEE PHOTOS.
There is a second specimen, rather overgrown by other shrubs, in the Kier Garden, on the left near the end of the path to the public toilets.

26. Bath Botanical Gardens, in Royal Victoria Park, Bath, Somerset. Situated in the north-west section close to a leaf-mold compost heap at the foot of a large pine tree. From the north entrance on Cotswold Way (circular road within Victoria Park but not shown on, turn right and cross the lawn to the compost heap.  STREETMAP     SEE PHOTO
page updated 15th May 2013
I have tried to accurately position the arrows on the street maps below, but plants do die, or get moved or removed, so please don't blame me if you can't find them! When using OPENSTREETMAP note that a position marker only appears when hovering over the search result co-ordinates on the left of the map.

NEW!     INTERACTIVE MAP of PONCIRUS  in the British Isles.
...where to see the Japanese Bitter Orange
27. St.Paul's Cathedral churchyard, London, against south wall and in the shrub border at the eastern end of the cathedral SEE PHOTOS
Bodenham Arboretum, Worcestershire
Kilver Court, Somerset
Highdown Gdns, Ferring, Sussex
28. University of Birmingham Winterbourne House Botanic Garden. Edgbaston Park Road, Birmingham. GoogleMaps  SEE PHOTOS
Do you know of fruiting plants of Poncirus trifoliata in Britain? I will be happy to list them on this page.
Click  for a few  Poncirus locations in USA .
Dyffryn Gardens, a few miles west of Cardiff, Wales. From the centre of the main herbaceous border, take the path towards the Pompeian Garden. The low-growing, but fruiting, Poncirus is on the left, among some perennial plants. A second larger plant is on the left of the path from the far end of the herbaceous border towards the West Garden. Both plants are somewhat hidden by other shrubs. SEE PHOTOS .
1. Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens. An excellent specimen on a small crag in bed R22 of the rockery. SEE PHOTOS . Does anyone know of an outside fruiting plant further North than this one?
Ilnacullin Gardens, Garinish Island near Glengariff, County Cork. In the walled garden.
1.Antwerp. "Provinciaal Domein Rivierenhof" or Rivierenhof Park. See photos and map sent by Marc Vandenhende
2.Bokrijk Arboretum,  confusingly this is also known as Park Midden Limburg PAGE WITH PHOTOS
1.Reported by Yann Horstink. University of Applied Science Larenstein (part of Wageningen University). Centre of map here. Large P. trifoliata, appr. 2,5-3 m high.
2. Reported by Kim Bensdorp. Utrecht University Botanic Gardens. The plant database shows three specimens in the gardens, one dating from 1958. SEE PHOTO
3. Photographer Fons Baerken took this lovely picture of a sparrow on the Poncirus at the Artis Zoo, Amsterdam
4. THere are potted specimens at Twickel - see my page
1. Reported by Alex Knisely. In Villany, north side of the street --Batthyany utca -- has a lovely specimen.
2. Reported by Anton Ohlsson.There are at least two plants at the Budapest zoo, south-west of the palm house, right next to its wall. SEE PHOTO
1. Turin / Torino is far too cold in winter to grow true citrus, but the city has an abundance of mature Poncirus  specimens in its public gardens. See Torino2006
Some locations are: Southern half of Parco Valentino, and near the Fontana dei 12 Mesi; Parco Ruffini - on the small hill near Corso Trapani & on the other side of the Palazetto dello Sport; at the childrens playground where Corso Toscana meets Via Verolengo; by the footpaths from Via Sforzesca to Monte dei Cappuccini.
1. Island of Mainau garden, Lake Konstanz or Bodensee. Take main path through the rose garden towards the restaurant. On the left after the  roses. See photo
2. Potsdam Botanic Garden within Park SansSouci. At the west entrance to the succulent house. GoogleMaps  See photos
1. Zurich Botanic Garden. In the dry rock garden, not far from the main buildings and restaurant. See photo
2. Geneva Botanic Garden. About one mile from the city centre along the lake's north shore gardens."La console" is a small lake-side annex, connected to the main botanic garden by a pedestrian tunnel under the main road. The Poncirus is along the railings at the side of the road. See photo.
Copenhagen Botanic Gardens. In bed Q1, by the fence and away from the footpath. Ask for directions at the information desk - but it is approximately the western-most corner of the gardens. SEE PHOTO  Just beaten by Edinburgh in the 'furthest north' competition!
1. Madrid is not a citrus growing area, so it is worth mentioning that there are two fruiting plants in the Royal Botanic Gardens
1.P�l Gjerde Gammels�ter reports that there are several fruiting trees in the Bucarest Botanic Gardens. Locate using
The Botanical Park of Crete lists both both Flying Dragon and the standard form of Poncirus trifoliata. Reported by P�l Gjerde Gammels�ter.
1. Prague, Church of Our Lady beneath (or under, or below) the Chain, Prague/Praha. Also known as malt�zsk�ch (Maltese Church) in L�zensk� street - a few minutes walk from the castle end of Charles Bridge. In front courtyard. SEE PHOTOS
1. Jardin Botanique in Tours, Loire. The botanic gardens are at the western side of central Tours. The plant is in a lawn near the middle of the garden. SEE PHOTOS
2. Paris: Rue Buffon, Grand Palais and Serres d'Auteuil. Details on .PAGE WITH PHOTOS