Photos of the Poncirus trifoliata at Cannizaro Park, Merton, South London, England.
page created 27th November 2006
             updated 18th October 2007
at Cannizaro Park
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This specimen is notable for the 'pebbled' texture of the fruit skin. Although fruit are often somewhat bumpy or corrugated, I haven't seen this particular effect before. The fruit interior was also unusually dry, with many seeds much smaller than usual.
Taken late October  2006.
When visiting Cannizaro Park, don't miss the fruiting Olive trees in the Italian Garden at the bottom of the main lawn!
I specially visited Cannizaro Park the following year to check on these unusual fruits and perhaps take a small piece of twig for budwood. Sadly, the fruits looked perfectly normal, with no sign of that pebbled surface texture. Explain that!
Taken late October  2007.