Photos of the Poncirus trifoliata at Leatherhead Crematorium garden, Surrey, England. Taken with flowers just opening, 6th May 2001.
This is certainly the most magnificent specimen I have seen in the UK. It was covered in thousands of flowers.
I would guess the plant is about 3 metres high and about the same in diameter. The dual trunks (see photo) are each about 10 centimetres across.
I re-visited this site in early November 2001. Despite having been trimmed back somewhat, it was carrying a good crop of ripe fruit, up to 5.5cms diameter. The robin was feeding on blackberries growing up through the Poncirus shrub. The fruit contained many seeds which were made available through this web-site.
The third picture below shows the very disappointing number of seeds collected in 2002. Just three seeds from eighteen fallen fruits!
Leatherhead Poncirus May 2001
fruiting Nov 2001
cut fruit November 2002
page updated 15th November 2009

Japanese Bitter Orange tree Leatherhead
Poncirus fruits 2009
Polesden Lacey - National Trust property near Bookham, Surrey
Photographed in August 2009, this plant is in one of the formal walled gardens. It has clearly been cut right back to the main stems at some stage, but re-grown from the stumps. There were a few immature fruits to be seen.
Unusually, the old botanical name, 'Aegle Sepiaria', is included on the label.
This photo was taken after a windy night in mid-November 2009. There were many fallen fruits, and I collected about 50. Although some fruits had no seeds, most had a few and a couple contained about twenty in each. Many more than in some years, and plenty to grow on for my seedling rootstocks.