Poncirus Trifoliata at Bokrijk Arboretum, Belgium confusingly this is also known as Park Midden Limburg
Part open-air museum, part adventure park, Domein Bokrijk is also home to a beautiful arboretum. The Belgian plant database PLANTCOL lists thirteen specimens of Poncirus trifoliata at Bokrijk, so I paid a visit in September, 2009. This is a wonderful arboretum, but it took me a long time to find the Poncirus plants. Some are listed as being in 'secteur GEUR', but the website map doesn't appear to have GEUR - or it is too low resolution to read. I asked someone at the 'groene huis' - which isn't a greenhouse but an education centre - but no-one knew GEUR or Poncirus trifoliata. Finally, I found the plants just at the side of the 'groene huis' itself! Map location is actually either side of the curved path between GROE7 and GROE8.
Picnic table with Poncirus trees
Bokrijk Poncirus trifoliata label
Plenty of Japanese Bitter Oranges at Bokrijk
Large Poncirus at Bokrijk
They were many Poncirus trifoliata plants in this area of the arboretum. Most were well laden with large, round fruit - but in early September not yet developing their orange colour.
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Entry to the arboretum is free of charge.