This fine plant, about 2.5 metres tall and wide, was one of two grown from seed about 20 years ago.The second plant was apparently removed after inebriated undergraduates complained of being speared by its large thorns!
This is a large-flowered variety with flowers about 7cms in diameter.

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wide view Surrey University Poncirus in flower
Surrey University Poncirus in flower 2
Surrey University Poncirus in flower 3
flowering Poncirus trifoliata twig
Poncirus flower close up
Photos of the Poncirus trifoliata at Surrey University, Guildford, Surrey, England. Taken with flowers fully open, 17th May 2001.

There is also a group of about eight closely-planted Poncirus shrubs in the 'Alice' garden, part of the Castle Gardens in Guildford town centre. This group is close to a footpath and has been regularly trimmed back, so forming a short length of dense hedge. Some young fruit
were visible within the hedge when photographed in July, 2007.
Guildford Castle Gardens Poncirus

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Merristwood College grenhouses
Merristwood Campus of Guildford College
Theoretically, there is only public access during open days, but no-one stopped me visiting. This is a mature plant, although heavily pruned to avoid damaging the glasshouse and passers-by.
Merristwood Campus Poncirus trifoliata
Castle Gardens, Guildford
I visited the college in late 2008, after a student e-mailed me about a plant between two of the nursery greenhouses. I've grabbed the bird's eye  image below from