An interactive map showing locations of mature specimens in the British Isles
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Plants listed below in approximately North to South order
To use the interactive map:
   1. Either click on one of the sites listed to the right of the map, or click on one of the map's red markers.
   2. The relevant marker will then be selected, and you can  zoom in and move to the exact location using the map controls. The map is 'dragable' with the left mouse button held down.
   3. The marker, when selected, will show  an information  flag, usually  with a link to my webpage  about the plant at  that location, and any photos.
  1. This page is designed on a screen size of1024x768. Other sizes may produce strange layouts. You may need to set your browser  text size to  'medium' or smaller.
  2. Map loading may be slow on a non-broadband connection.
  3. I have tried to position markers accurately, but it's not always easy and of-course plants do die or get removed. So please don't blame me if you can't find a particular plant!
page created 18th December 2006
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