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Home to the 2006 Winter Olympic Games, Turin - more properly called Torino in Italian - is also home to an amazing number of mature Poncirus trifoliata specimens. I guess someone in the city's parks department, probably around the 1970's, had a liking for this species and planted groups of them throughout Torino's public gardens.
In my few days wanderings around Turin, I came across five widely separated areas that each had a considerable number of these shrubs or small trees. I counted about 50 in total. No doubt others exist that I didn't come across. Some had been left to grow naturally, a few had been trained to be more tree-like with a single trunk, and the remaider had been pruned or clipped in various ways. All showed signs of having fruited, and one specimen - growing in a small depression where moisture and fallen fruits no doubt collect - had a profusion of seedlings at its base.    
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A well-shaped Torino Poncirus
Unpruned Turin Poncirus
Torino Poncirus 3
Torino Poncirus 4
Torino Poncirus in Valentino Park

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