page  updated 5th January 2009
Although not mentioned in any of my three Loire Valley guide books, this excellent 'Jardin Botanique' is well worth visiting. The animals housed within the gardens will even keep the children interested.
Unfortunately, the glasshouses at the Northern end of the gardens were closed at the time of my visit.
Tours Botanic Garden Poncirus
Poncirus trifoliata Flower detail
Jardin Botanique, Tours, France

Photos of the Poncirus trifoliata in the Botanic Garden of Tours, France.
Taken with flowers fully open, 5th April 2005. The shrub is about 2.5m tall and wide.
Click here the for location details of these
and other Poncirus trifoliata plants.
Click here  for location details of these and other Poncirus trifoliata plants.
Zurich Botanic Garden Poncirus group
There is a lovely group of Poncirus trifoliata plants either side of the path through the south-facing, dry rock garden. All carried fruit when photographed in  August 2005.

This winter photo of an old, single-stemmed specimen was sent to me by Frédéric Tournay, curator of the gardens.
Taken January, 2009, a few remaining fruits are just visible.

Geneva Poncirus in Botanic Garden
Geneva Poncirus stems
Geneva Poncirus
There are two specimens in the gardens. This is the better one, in the small lake-side area reached by a passage under the road from the main garden. Multi-stemmed and plenty of fruit in November 2005.

Poncirus trifoliata at Mainau Germany
Several mature Poncirus are said to grow in the garden. I only had time to find this one. September 2005.