Fete du Citron pavilion
Chimera at Palais Carnoles
Chimera orange+lemon
Round Lime at Hanbury
Mela Rosa at Hanbury
Australian Round Lime
'Mela Rosa'
Pink Grapefruit at Val Rahmeh
Buddha's Hand at Val Rahmeh
Buddha's Hand
Pink Grapefruit
A private garden near Menton, France
I had heard about an important private citrus collection in Menton, but couldn't contact the owner by e-mail. It took a letter to arrange the visit in early February 2007. When I met Edouard Mazzola, a retired nurseryman, he was watering the garden. I suggested perhaps he didn't have a computer. "You are correct" he replied "if I had a computer I would be in the house too long, instead of looking after my plants in the garden!"
L'Esquinade is reached along a twisting road into the mountains above Menton. The garden was built over 30 years by partially infilling and terrassing a steep valley, almost a ravine, facing the sea. Lower down, the valley is crossed by a tall viaduct carrying the motorway. The supporting pillars and the motoway bridge frame a view - at times of the old town of Menton, at times the deep blue of the Mediterranean sea.
In addition to citrus, L'Esquinade contains fine collections of hibiscus, mimosas, and palm varieties  from around the world.
page created 11th February 2007

Here are just a few of the 150 citrus varieties at L'Esquinade:-

CITRUS in and around MENTON
Citrus medica
The variety on the left was labelled 'Jerusalem', but looked to me the same as 'Cedrat de Florence' in the nearby Palais Carnoles collection. The variety on the right was 'Vozza Vozza', possibly a lemon x pummelo hybrid.
A grafted triple variety tree. Citrons 'Florence' and 'Sicily', plus a sweet orange.
A thorny, tangled Fingerlime, Microcitrus australasica, 1.5m high
Fortunella hindsii, the Hong Kong wild kumquat, also around 1.5m tall, with hundreds of tiny fruits

A splendidly bumpy Thai Lime, Citrus hystrix
Thornless tree form