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Rhobs el Arsa
Among the collection is an unusal citron 'Rhobs el Arsa'. Originally from Morroco this apparently translates as 'Garden Loaf'!
unripe Bizzario fruit
One of the most unusual specimens in the garden is the variety ' Bizzaria'. In Menton this is labelled as a 'bigarade' - sour or bitter orange - although the information booklet suggests it is the variety described by Risso in 1818. If so, it would actually be a chimera of a citron and sour orange. However, on my visit in August 2002, I could see no signs of the irregular stripes shown in drawings by Risso and others.
Publicised as 'the largest collection of citrus trees in Europe', I think that INRA in Corsica and IVIA in Spain may disagree! Nonetheless, this is a most interesting collection of mature trees of many varieties. The following list is taken from the booklet on sale at the Palais Carnoles museum shop. Note that the botanical taxonomy, such as grouping sweet oranges and grapefruits under Citrus xaurantium, is not universally agreed by experts.
Cedrat de Florence - fruit
Bigarade Bizzaria - fruit
Bigarade Bizzaria - fruit
Bigarade Bizzaria
Bigarade Bizzaria - a bitter orange.
A further visit in February, 2007, confirmed that this is not the historic Bizzaria citron+orange chimera pictured in several early books about citrus varieties. These warty fruits, suffering a bit from mealy bug, were ripening patchily to orange, but showed no evidence of being produced by a graft hybrid chimera.
The Citrus Collection at the Palais Carnolès, Menton
Citroncirus 'Troyer' (citrange)

Citrus x aurantiifolia (Chrstm.) Swing
-'Palestine' (lime de Perse)
-'Tahiti' (lime de Perse)

Citrus x aurantium L.
-'Alger' ? (orange douce)
-'Bittertsweet' (bigarade)
-'Bizzaria' (bigarade)
-'Bouquetier de Nice a Fleures Doubles'
-'Bouquetier de Nice ' ?
-'Buckeye' (orange douce)
-'Cadenera' (orange douce)
-'Calabrese' (orange douce)
-'Centennial' (orange douce)
-'Chelif' ? (orange douce)
-'Demi Sanguine' ? (orange douce)
-'Double Fine Améliorée' (orange douce)
-'Duncan' (pamplemousse)
-'Espagnole' ? (orange douce)
-'Granito' (bigarade)
-'Hamlin' (orange douce)
-'Large Chinotto' (chinois=orange amere)
-'Maltaise Sanguine' (orange douce)

-'Marsh' (pamplemousse)
-'Mc Carty' (pamplemousse)
-'Moghrabi' (orange douce)
-'Moro' (orange douce)
-'Ortanique' (tangor)
-'Pearl' (tangelo)
-'Royal' (pamplemousse)
-'Sampson' (tangelo)
-'Shambar' (pamplemousse)
-'Sotchi' (pamplemousse)
-'Spanish Sanguinelli' (orange douce)
-'Star Ruby' (pamplemousse)
-'Tarocco' (orange douce)
-'Temple' (mandarine)
-'Thomson' (Navel?) (orange douce)
-'Valencia' (orange douce)
-'Valencia Rohde Red' (orange douce)
-'Washington (Navel?)' (orange douce)
Citrus x bergamia Risso et Poit.

Citrus hystrix
DC. (combava)

Citrus x limon
(L.) Osbeck (citron)
-'Poire du Commandeur'
-'Quatre Saisons'

Citrus maxima
(Burm.) Merr. (pomelo)
-'Kao Pan'

Citrus medica
L. (cedrat)
-'Di Firenze'
-'Rhobs el Arsa'

'Meyer' (citron de Meyer)
Citrus reticulata Blanco
-'Caffin' (clementine)
-'Clémentine' (clémentine)
-'Carvalhal' (mandarine)
-'Cleopatra' (mandarine)
-'Fairchild' (mandarine)
-'Fortune' (mandarine)
-'Fremont' (mandarine)
-'Kara' (mandarine)
-'Malvasio' (mandarine)
-'Mandarine' (mandarine)
-'Nova' (mandarine)
-'Ponkan' (mandarine)
-'Kowano' (satsuma)
-'Wase' (satsuma)

Citrus limon + C. x aurantium (chimere ou hybride de greffe)

Fortunella japonica (Thunb.)      Swing.   (marumi)
-'Margarita' (nagami)
-'Obovata' (fukushu)

Severinia buxifolia (Poir.) Ten.
(buis de Chine)
Unripe August fruit

Bigarade Bizzaria - label
Pummelo Reinking
Pummelo Reinking - fruit
Pink pummelo tree
Pamplemousse Pink, or Pink Pummelo. Tree and fruit.
Pummelo Kao Pan - tree
Pamplemousse or Pummelo 'Kao Pan'
A Thai variety grown in USA as 'Siamese Pink'.
Pink pummelo - fruit
Large Nagami Kumquat tree
Fortunella obovata - tree
Citrus medica 'Cedrat de Florence'.
Possibly the same variety as 'Florentina' and 'Jerusalem'. Orange coloured, about the size of an extra large navel orange.
Pamplemousse Reinking = Citrus grandis 'Reinking'. Tree and fruit. Originates from California.
The ripe pummelos, Citrus grandis or Citrus maxima,  were particularly impressive in February 2007, with huge fruits growing on quite small trees. The French name for this fruit is 'pamplemousse'. Confusingly, 'pamplemousse' and 'pomélo'  are also used for the grapefruit, Citrus paradisi.
Unripe fruit in August
Kumquat Fukushu fruit
The Kumquats are also well represented at Palais Carnolès
Fortunella obovata, or the Fukushu Kumquat, produces larger fruit than the other species.
A beautiful Nagami kumquat tree

Bouquet de Fleurs
Citrus aurantium 'Bouquet de fleurs'
with one of the sculptures in the garden
Cedrat de Florence - tree
Royal Grapefruit. Fruit cluster.
Royal Grapefruit, labelled 'Pomelo Royal'.
Variegated orange, Bitter Orange and    Sweet Orange 'Cadanera'.

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Mela Rosa at Hanbury
Australian Round Lime
'Mela Rosa'
There are several trees in the Palais Carnolès collection which are labelled 'Chimère citron/orange'. These are graft hybrids between lemon and orange parents where the genetic material remains distinct and separate within the tree and comes to the surface randomly. So some parts are lemon and some parts orange. This is quite different from one variety grafted onto another. Generally the lemon seemed to dominate. One tree had a single orange fruit and all the others were lemons. Others had a few fruits that were mainly lemon but with stripes of orange rind.

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Severinia buxifolia (citrus relative), fruit detail & tree