August 2003
Seedlings are. numbered along the rows from top left to bottom right.
Here are their most obvious distinguishing characteristics. Seedlings 7 to 10 are still too small to comment about.
1. Deep-purple new growth
2. Short spines.
3. Long spines.
4. Long leaf, short petiole.
5. No spines, no petiole
6. Branching..
These are the ten seedlings resulting from my Faustrimedin X Citrus maxima 'Goliath' hybridisation attempt. See my Hybridizing Citrus web-page.
Faustrimedin = Australian Finger Lime x Calamondin = Citrus australasica x Citrus madurensis
C. maxima    = Pummelo
February 2004
All re-potted. Photos are about the same scale.  Front two rows of pots are same size as back row in August.
The purple top of seedling 1.
Pummelo seedlings do not have this coloration, so this must be a true hybrid
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