faustrimedin plant
faustrimedin fruit
cut faustrimedin fruit
This seedling plant was photographed when about 5 years old. Plants and fruit are very similar to my Faustrime, so much so that I wonder if there has been a mix-up somewhere. However, as I've never seen these varieties anywhere else, I can't be at all certain what the differences should be.
The original description of this hybrid is in The Citrus Industry, volume 1, and states 'elongated fruits'.
However, another variety called Faustrimedin is being distributed in Europe from French sources. This produces small round fruit, with a distinctive nipple in a slightly depressed apex. The taste is sour, but less overwhelmingly bitter than the long fruit variety.
round type faustrimedin fruit
round faustrimedin fruit showing distinctive shape
cut round-type faustrimedin fruit
Ripe fruit in January 2003.  2.5cms X 8cm. Weight=30gm.
Taken October 2002, immature fruit about 1cm diameter.

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Fruit about 28mm diameter, March 2016