page created 17th October 2010
and 15th April 2011
Just eight years after my crossing of a Pummelo (Citrus grandis) with a Microcitrus hybrid (Faustrimedin), I have grown the first fruits to maturity. They may not be the hoped for cucumber shape and size, but  - just like any proud parent - I think they're wonderful!
For details of the hybridisation and the resultant seedlings see: Hybridising Citrus     My Hybrid Seedlings    Hybrid Seedlings 2009
October 2010  Mature fruit - plant #10
April 2010 Unripe fruit - plant #10
Size: 9cms x 7cms
Shape: ovoid
Colour: yellow exterior with yellow-green flesh
Weight: 185g = 6.5oz
Taste: very sour - complex lemon-lime flavour when sweetened
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April 2010  - plant #10
April 2010 ripe fruit - plant #7
Fruit Size about 5cms x 3cms
Colour: pale yellow exterior with yellow-green flesh
Taste: extremely sour
APRIL 2011  First Flowers - plant #1
Of the original ten hybrid seedlings, this is the only one that has always had significant dark-purple colouration to the new growth. The flowers now also show some colour, particularly on the underside. I can't wait to see the fruits!!