General view of the Tintori Hesperidarium
Arch of Lunario Lemons
Arch of Citrus volkameriana
Groups can arrange to take brunch in the citrus garden
Citrus aurantium Corniculata
Espalier Lemon
Flowers of Kumquat Reale
Buddha Hand Citron
Citrus aurantium Canaliculata
The staff at Tintori thought my website pictures were too old! So they sent me a selection taken in the Hesperidarium in 2010.
Tintori's Hesperidarium - more photos
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This espalier Lemon is said to be the first citrus planted by Oscar Tintori on the side wall of his house.
All photos on this page are provided by Oscar Tintori and remain their copyright.
Fruiting arches of Lemon Lunario and Citrus volkameriana.
Citrus aurantium 'Corniculata'
Citrus medica 'Digitata'
also called the
Buddha's Hand Citron.
Flowers of
Kumquat 'Reale'
Citrus aurantium 'Canaliculata'