A few more pictures from my second visit to the Tintori Nursery in Pescia, in September 2007.
page created 11 October 2007

Fortunella polyandra or Malayan Kumquat
Citrus ichangensis X Poncirus trifoliata
M.australasica X C.aurantifolia
Fortunella polyandra, Malayan Kumquat. Fruit 2cms long
A hybrid of Citrus ichangensis X Poncirus trifoliata
Faustrime, fingerlime x lime hybrid
tintori's standard citrus
tintori's espaliered citrus
tintori's vast citrus selection
Some views of the vast sales area, where you can select from many varieties that can be found on sale nowhere else.
On-line sales are available through the website of www.florealia.com. For citrus click here to start.
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Microcitrus papuana growing as  a tall densely-leaved shrub, but I couldn't find any flowers or fruits.
Probably the same variety as a fruiting plant at Pepinieres Baches. Click here to compare.
Finger lime growing as a dense mound of foliage with some unusally large leaves.
These microcitrus species may be over-fertilised, compared to their native conditions. They seem to be producing much leafy growth but no fruits.
Click here to compare with same plants in 2004