cut Baches finger limes
Baches fingerlimes
Baches finger limes on tree
Australian Fingerlime Tree and Fruits
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Photos taken October 2006
Pépinières Bachès for more information about this citrus nursery.
page created 21st Oct 2006
Pépinières Bachès, near Perpignan, France
Microcitrus papuana(?) - (labelled warburgiana)
Growing in the nursery as 'warburgiana', that species would have produced round fruit.
This plant looked identical to the one I am growing as Microcitrus papuana, but about which I have always had some doubts as to the true identity.
The flowers had exactly the same form - extremely thin petals, not covering the ovary - which I have not seen, or seen described, on any other citrus species.

The fruits were not yet ripe and about 2cms long.
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Microcitrus warburgiana