A Jacobean mansion in Norfolk
This magnificent National Trust house, garden and park lie just beyond the small town of Aylsham, some 12 miles north of Norwich. The house was possibly the birthplace of Ann Boleyn in the early 1500's. The orangery, visible from the Aylsham road, was built in 1782, and lies a few hundred yards south-east of the main house.
It is very similar in style to the
Kew Gardens orangery, but has rectangular central windows to allow more light to enter.
Unfortunately the orangery was closed to visitors the day I was at Blickling. However, I tracked down the key-holder - a National Trust gardener who was busy transporting compost around the estate. He very reluctantly agreed to allow me inside for just a couple of minutes to take some photos. Not long enough to note all the varieties being grown, but better than nothing!
Blickling Hall with garden & lake
Blickling Hall orangery
Blickling Hall Citrus deliciosa
A somewhat drooping specimen of the mandarin Citrus deliciosa 'Tardiva di Caraculli'. Grown commercially mainly around      Palermo in Sicily.
The citrus trees are being grown in old beer barrels lined with polythene. They are not particularly ancient specimens, probably around twenty years.
       Some Citrus Varieties seen at Blickling Hall
Citrus sinensis 'Sanguinelli' - an Italian blood orange
Citrus sinensis 'Valencia Late'. Sweet orange
Citrus aurantium. The Seville bitter orange
Citrus paradisi 'Star Ruby'. A red-fleshed grapefruit
Citrus hystrix. The Thai Lime, or Kaffir Lime
Satsuma 'Myagawa'
Citrus mitis. Calamondin, or Calamansi
Citrus limon 'Florentina'. Tuscan lemon
Citrus medica. The citron
Citrus maxima. Pummelo or Shaddock
(plus a few  others I didn't have time to note down!))
Blickling Hall - satsuma
Plenty of small fruit on this satsuma.
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Blickling Hall - lemon
Blickling Hall - lime or hybrid
A small-fruited lime or maybe a lime hybrid
Tuscan Lemon

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Blickling Hall Front
Blickling Hall citrus trees