I have written this page because the garden is rarely mentioned in the English language guides to Beijing. It is, however, equally well worth a visit as the better known neighbouring Beijing Botanic Garden.

The garden is located in the Haidian area of north-west Beijing, close to an exit from the 5th Ring Road. English signs are generally for the nearby Fragrant Hills Park and the municipal Beijing Botanic Garden.

Some of the information here is gathered from the Chinese language web-site of the Institute of Botany. See http://www.ibcas.ac.cn/skjs/diz.asp .
The rest is from my own visit in August 2008.
Botanic Garden of the Institute of Botany,
Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing
The public entrance to the garden is at the left (West) of this map.
I was prevented from using the main (North) entrance by the security guard. The North entrance is directly opposite the south-east entrance to the municipal Beijing Botanic Garden, which is where the buses stop and which will be known to Beijing taxi drivers.
Entrance to the CAS garden costs 10Yuan, and is a ten minute walk around the corner, turning left near the other (south) entrance to the municipal gardens.
Bus routes 318,331,714,360,696,698,505,634 are listed as going to the Botanic Garden stop. I used route 634 from the Summer Palace bus station. A taxi from central Beijing should cost about 50Yuan (10Euro).
11. Exhibition glasshouses and Rose Garden
12. Perennial Garden
13. Magnolia and Paeony Garden
14. Aquatic & Climbing Plants
15. Crape Myrtle Garden (the summer-flowering Lagerstroemia indica)
16. Rare and endangered plants
17. Arboretum
18. Medicinal Plants Garden (see detailed plan below)
19. Experimental section
20. Wild Fruit Tree section
Key to Sketch Map.(I have omitted research buildings and residences)

Map of Medicinal Herbs Garden
I have marked the positions of Poncirus trifoliata in green - but also see comments below.
This is my 'special interest' plant.
Also see update towards bottom of this page.
Part of the row of Poncirus trifoliata shrubs in August 2008
A fellow citrus enthusiast, Ilya Chumakov, visited this garden in October 2015. His photo clearly shows the same row of plants - and the same Pine tree - but taken from a different side. However, he assures me that the plants were not exactly where shown on my map. Here is his location, and it is quite possible my memory was faulty. However, I am sure any future visitor to the Medicinal Plants Garden will be able to find them somewhere nearby!
Taken by Ilya Chumakov in October 2015
Ilya noted considerable variation in the individual plants. He says that
despite their close position and apparently similar age, the plants were different. Some had lost their leaves and fruits were already rotten on the ground, others were in good autumn color, but also there were plants with still entirely green leaves and unripe fruits.
page created 1st September 2008, updated 25th October 2015
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