Northern Territories Herbarium specimen - note colour is not correct due to preservative.
Fruit found by botanical researcher Paul Coats.
About 4cm diameter, green and very hard to the touch.
Probably not fully mature, but the somewhat pyriform shape is very similar to the preserved herbarium specimen shown above. Possibly from the same group of trees??
(check) However, the skin and pith appears to be considerably thinner. The fruit was seedless.
Note there are six segments.
Mabberley's description suggests eight or nine segments in a globose fruit.
These herbarium specimens, all now labelled as Citrus gracilis, show slightly oblate spherical fruit with eight or nine segments. They are very different from the specimen shown above, but closer to the Mabberley description. Notice the deep grooves in the right hand picture. These normally correspond with the segments in citrus fruits.
Paul Coats suggests that there is either great variation in the Citrus gracilis population, or perhaps there are actually several species waiting to be classified.
Citrus gracilis (3)
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