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...technical information about this site
The domain name 'homecitrusgrowers.co.uk' is registered through UK2NET, but hosted by a previous ISP of mine - 186K. Some pages, which include 'freeserve' in their URL, still reside on the servers of an even earlier ISP. This was originally called Freeserve, then Wanadoo and currently Orange.
Site mainly created by CoolPage 2.7 software, published by 3Dize Inc. The basic version is free, but I used the 'Webmaster' version.  This is a 'wysiwyg' program that allows you to drag and drop text blocks and images around the screen.
However, CoolPage is no longer supported and has not been updated since 2002. The code it produces is frequently not relevant to the internet today. For instance, each page has a separate NN4 version, specially tailored for the old Netscape Navigator 4 browser which I doubt anyone at all still uses!
I am therefore changing over to Web Builder 8 software, functionally similar to CoolPage, but fully supported and up-to-date.
Coloured headings and buttons are produced from XaraOnLine.
Pages are designed to be viewed on a minimum screen width of 1024 pixels without sideways scrolling.
I check pages using the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox browsers, under Windows XP.
Large text size settings in the viewing browser can be a problem. Some browsers upscale perfectly, others cause text and image overlaps.
Images are usually produced by me. The few exceptions always have the source acknowledged.
Early photos were taken with a Fuji MX-1700  1.5mega-pixel digital camera. Then a Minolta Dimage Z1. Curently I am using a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18.
Other images are scanned using an elderly Agfa 1212u flatbed scanner. Many leaves, twigs and even quite large fruits give excellent results on a scanner.
I used to make great efforts to speed pages downloading by compressing all images and reducing them in size. With today's faster internet connections, I post better quality images. However, I still can't quite decide whether to use tiny thumbnails pointing to a separate image page, or to use reasonable sized pictures directly.
Microscope images and the one video file were taken with an Intelplay QX3 microscope
page revised 29th Nov 2011